Strength with Grace: The Volair Confidence Framework

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

One of the greatest benefits of pole dance is increased confidence. Unfortunately, not too much research has been done with pole dancers, but anecdotally, a huge proportion of polers will say that it has been one of the major benefits of pole dance.

I 100% agree with this, as I started pole at a time in my life when my confidence was pretty low and it totally helped re-build my confidence, which allowed me to participate more fully in my life, which allowed me to achieve some of my professional goals. If you're interested in that story, you can find it here.

While I have truly believed for quite a long time that pole helps people build confidence, it wasn't until I became a studio owner, I started to really think about HOW pole dance builds confidence. I know I tend to over-think and over-analyze things, but it was really important to me to understand and be able to explain to people why and how the services we provide will be able to help them. It also helps hold me accountable as a service provider to make sure that any services we offer are aligned with our greater vision and to know that we can and do actually deliver what we promise.

Jumping right in, here is the Volair confidence framework:

It's really quite simple. Awareness, Intention, Participation, Progression, Reflection, Repeat.

As we learn pole tricks and dance and become a part of the studio and greater pole community, we become more aware of ourselves - our bodies, our abilities and capabilities, our thoughts, perceptions, and prejudices, our strengths, weaknesses, and power. We set goals or intentions for ourselves and participate actively in classes so that we progress toward and achieve our goals. Then we reflect on our progress and accomplishments, which makes us more self-aware, and then we repeat the cycle.

I believe this is something that is kind of happening in the background, but my goal as an instructor and owner is to support people to build confidence and achieve their goals, so at Volair, we will be offering our new signature program to make sure we are doing the best we possibly can.

The Volair Signature Program

Our signature program is based on our confidence framework as well as the physical literacy cycle and Sport for Life's Long-Term Development model for athletes. On November 30th, 2019, we are launching our 4-week signature program, which will include:

· 4 signature classes, Saturday mornings at 10am;

· 4 class passes that can be used for any of our regular classes during the week;

· 2 1-on-1 coaching sessions – one at the beginning to set your goals, and one at the end to review your progress, revise your goals, and make a plan for next steps;

· Access to online support with weekly prompts for awareness and reflection of your progress in class, plus some stretches and conditioning you can do at home, if you choose;

· A couple other little goodies!

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