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Dates: Every Monday March 30th-May 4th, 2020

Time: 7-8pm

We are thrilled that you've decided try pole dance and aerial arts at Volair! Most people are a little nervous for their first class - they don't quite know what to expect.  This page will give you all the information you need to feel more confident coming to your first class. 

what are my class pass and membership options?

If you are ready to jump in with a full membership, check out your options here.


We have a special offer just for new clients:

Intro Package: 1 week of unlimited class passes that can be used for any Pole, Aerial, Dance, or Conditioning classes.

how do I sign up for my first class?

You can sign up for your first class through our online schedule or you can get our app here

We strongly recommend starting with either Pole 1 or Aerial Hoop.

what should I expect in class?

Pole Class: All pole classes begin with a basic warm-up. Your instructor will then lead you through some pole and floor skills and poses, which will lead to pole spins and tricks. Conditioning exercises to help you gain strength needed for higher level pole tricks will be included in class. You'll end with a short combination putting together a few of the moves you learned in class, and a light stretch and cool-down.

Aerial Class: All aerial classes begin with a basic warm-up. Your instructor will teach you aerial skills, such as mounts, poses, transitions, and dismounts. You'll also do aerial-specific conditioning to help you gain the strength you need for higher level tricks. You'll end with a light stretch and cool-down.

*There will likely be people at multiple level in your class and your instructor will offer modifications of exercises to make sure everyone is working at an appropriate level. If an exercise is too easy or too challenging for you, just let your instructor know and we'll be happy to offer you options.

what should I wear to class?

Pole Class: Comfortable clothing. Shorts, capris, or yoga pants all work. Tank top, t-shirt or sports bra. For some of the dance moves, you may like to have your back covered with a t-shirt or racerback-style tank to help you slide on the pole or floor.  If you're not sure, layers always work.

Aerial Class: Tight fitting, comfortable clothing works best. Recommend leggings to protect the backs of your knees.  Some people like to layer leg warmers or socks as well.

Stretch Class: Comfortable clothing that allows for your full range of motion.  Layers are best for this class to help keep your muscles warm, but also allow you to remove layers during some of the more intense exercises.

Dance/Choreography Classes: Whatever you feel comfortable wearing. Low flow is usually a little more exotic, so you may like to wear something that makes you feel sexy. Heels optional, but not required (please make sure they are clean). For Twerk, you may like to wear short shorts or loose leggings with a pattern so you can see the twerk. Pole choreography, you may like to wear layers as some choreography may include sliding or floor work that is more comfortable in leggings, and others may have knee grips that are a little easier in shorts. 

For all dance/choreography classes, knee pads are recommended (there are some spare pairs at the studio that you can borrow if you don't have your own pair).  

Conditioning Classes: Shorts and a tank top or sports bra.

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