About Volair


Volair Fitness Studio was established in 2018. We believe that when you feel good you in your body, we have more confidence to show up in the world authentically so you can use your gifts to create change and impact the world.


To support people to build confidence and joy through movement.



A world in which everyone feels confident in their body, no matter size, shape, age, colour, ability, creed, etc. This confidence will allow them to prosper, create change and impact to make our world a better place.



We take a light-hearted approach and encourage creativity, curiosity, joy, and wonder to each situation.


We embrace change and support growth and transformation of people and systems to positively impact ourselves, our communities, and the world.


We support and encourage each person to develop knowledge, skills and confidence to enable freedom of choice and informed, aligned decision-making to be truly empowered to live their life uniquely true to themselves. 


We approach life with love and understanding. We withhold judgement, appreciate others perspectives and experiences, and recognize that our differences are what build a diverse and rich community. 


We commit to life-long learning and constantly strive to expand our knowledge and experiences. We recognize the power of learning through all of our mind, body and soul to optimize and integrate our knowledge into a full human experience to enable us to reach our greatest potential.

When we align with our values, we achieve peace

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