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Volair is THE place to be for fitness professionals who want to lead the change in the fitness industry.  For too long, fitness has promoted health as solely physical. Even most fitness that promotes psychological benefits such as confidence and joy promote them based on the physical outcomes, like gaining strength or losing weight.

At Volair, we believe that the key to holistic health is LOVE. 

And, we also know the science.

That movement has an incredible number of benefits - physical, mental, and social, and we believe that true health comes not from the size of your body but from the wholeness and authenticity of your life and experiences. 

Imagine a fitness industry where the primary goal is to lead the most blissful, abundant, lovingly empowered life of your dreams!

Movement can help you reach that goal.

Your body is NOT a nuisence to be conquered.

Your body is an abundant wealth of wisdom, love and experience. 

Your body is the home to your soul and your connection to the universe.

Your body is the way to everything you dream and desire.